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Stefano Mancuso (Casale Monferrato 1995) is a visual artist.

His research, aimed at understanding the meaning of existence, is not purely artistic but also personal. He is convinced that every human being contains all the information within themselves, written in the DNA code, which underlies everything and defines the form of everything.

What is the origin of the apparent infinite energy that moves everything and unites everything that exists? Other key points of his research are the beginning and the end, birth and death.

Everything begins and everything ends, an infinite cycle, governed by Time.

Abstract painting is the tool through which the artist manages to express his insights, otherwise inexpressible.

He lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Among his recent exhibitions is Oroboro a solo show curated by Claudia Ponzi and Antonella Mazza at Art Studio Finestreria, Milan, 2024. The exhibition featured most of the works from the series Memories from the Future (2023).

Other notable series include The Value of Emptiness (2022), Blood & Souls (2021), Ghosts & Shadows (2020), and Perspectives of Japan (2019).

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